Sustainability means from sourcing to end product, we take pride in the entire cycle.  We advocate sustainability and honor in providing long lasting rubber flooring.  We reduce non degradeable rubber from the landfill to reduce waste and protect Our Earth.



First and foremost, we invested time in sourcing for sustainable resources.  Next, we only work with reliable manufacturer. 

For instance, the manufacturer complys and allows us to use reclaimed landfill waste as raw materials.  On top of that, we also recycle waste from our suppliers and work with best-practice suppliers and producers. 

Most importantly, all reclaimed materials are made with recycled rubber.  We use used rubber mats as well to produce rubber flooring rolls, mats and tiles.  In this method, we are able to ensure all our rubber flooring products are green and sustainable.



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Firstly, we are particular with our materials.  We only purchase the top raw materials and resins. 

All the raw material is carefully sourced from our list of approved suppliers.


Next, the raw materials are transported to our production site in Malaysia.  Our production uses 100% recyceable waste, and turn them into green flooring like rubber flooring mats and tiles. 

These green flooring has different applications and uses.


Last but not least, our design philosophy surrounds around quality and efficieny.  All flooring products comes with a 5 to 10 year warranty. 

Let’s all adopt a green environment.  Switch to green flooring surfaces today.

Sustainability refers to “a process or state that can be maintained at a certain level for as long as wanted.”

For instance, we back honest procurement suppliers.  Firstly, this allows long-term sustainability in good used rubber supply. 

In addition, our process chain also looks at conserving water resources to improve yields.  Furthermore, Mirajo dedication to commit to responsible and honest sourcing avenues, to support sustainable rubber tapping.

In the same way, unsustained managed rubber plantations create massive air pollution.  They burn to clear land quickly and destroy plants.  Large amounts of herbicides are sprayed to clear the land. 

Did you know rubber tree takes seven years to grow and mature?  The rubber tapping process only uses mature rubber trees.  Once the rubber tress can no longer be tapped for rubber, the whole vegetation is  harvested and burned. 

Lastly, we hope to discourage and reduce such actions for a better Mother Earth.

The 3 P’s Of Sustainability

People – A sustainable business is built based on the support from the company’s stakeholders, employees and  the community it is building.  Business focus primarily on training and development to give back and invest in projects with a good cause.

Planet – Mirajo Flooring focuses on reducing carbon footprints, water usage and packaging waste.  All products in our rubber flooring collection are sourced and produced from recycled or reused materials.

Profits – To be able to continue to source and manufacture quality products to our customers, the business must be profitable.  We do accurate and transparent book-keeping.  In addition, we do not engage in illegal practises.

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