Recycled Type Flooring

Recycled rubber floor mats can be classified into:

  • Synthetic Rubber Floors

Synthetic rubber derives from petroleum waste.  Rubber flooring made from synthetic rubber is more durable than those made from natural rubber.  The synthetic rubber floor can recycle after it completes it’s lifecycle.  Mirajo recycled tire floor tiles from recycled tires that looks like wood comes with anti-slip function.

  • Natural Rubber Floors

Natural rubber floors are manufacture from tapping the sap from rubber trees.  The sap is also known as latex, found in para rubber trees.  Installation of natural rubber floors maybe harmful to those whom are allergic to latex.  Natural rubber are renewable sources as para rubber trees grow in abundance in regions like Africa, Southeast Asia and the Amazon rainforest.

Environmentally Friendly Flooring

Our line of eco-friendly product is made from either natural or recycled tire or reclaimed rubber.  Mirajo believes and commits to protecting and preserving our planet Earth.  Firstly, ‘green’ flooring is highly sought after because of its superior properties.  These are classified mainly into recycled tire flooring and recycled rubber mats.  The rubber withstands UV rays, ozone, high traffic, abrasions and resists moisture and mould.  These properties make recycled rubber flooring suitable for spaces like gyms, basements or cellars, garages, kitchens and other commercial and industrial areas.

Secondly, recycled tire flooring do not crack or warp.  They are firm and add comfort to the feet, giving anti-fatigue properties.  The enhanced traction provides additional grip, for anti-slip safety.  Rubber flooring is practical and requires little care and maintenance.

Recycled Rubber Flooring

 Recycled rubber flooring allows you to unleash your creativity with the wide variety of rubber flooring styles and designs.  Many commercial and residential projects have started to favour the use of rubber flooring, widely used for garage flooring, commercial and home gym flooring, rubber flooring for basements, children playground, hospitals, poolside and patios.

Let’s explore some useful considerations before you decide if recycled rubber flooring is suitable for you:

Usually, recycled tire products mainly divided into rubber tiles, rubber mats and rubber sheets rolls .  In addition, most DIY homeowners prefer to buy rubber tiles.  Easy installation and comes in standard sizes of 12” x 12”, 18” x 18” or 36” x 36” squares.  Use commercial penkife to cut the tiles into different shapes and sizes.  In short, it fits any flooring spaces.

Surface Options

SBR rubber flooring comes with a mellow matte finish while EPDM rubber flooring comes in lighter shades.  EPDM rubber are more durable for the colour finish compared to SBR rubber flooring.  However, EPDM rubber flooring is also relatively more expensive in pricing compared to SBR rubber, hence if you are planning to use rubber flooring for indoors, it is perfectly all right to buy SBR rubber flooring.  In addition, seal the surface with water-soluble wax emulsion.  The wax protects and gives a darker finish.  The finished polished surface is also more durable and stain resistant and it gives a slight shimmering sheen for an elegant polished look.

You can also customize the depth and dimension of your flooring based on your project needs and design.  Rubber flooring comes in different textures like studs, rivets, speckled or dimples, and of course the traditional flat and smooth design.

Most architect would choose recycled rubber flooring between the range of ¼” to ½” in thickness for residential projects.  There are also underlay and toppers options as thin as 3 to 8mm in thickness if cost is an important consideration.  The cost of rubber flooring increases when you choose a thicker option.  Outdoor rubber flooring options needs to be at least 1” thicker to withstand any harsh or frost weather elements.  The recommended thickness for children playground starts at 2inch and above to cushion any falls and absorbs high weight drop shocks.

 Benefits Of Mirajo Flooring

Rubber floor tiles made from recycled tires can install over raw or existing surfaces to add comfort and protect the flooring.  In addition, it resists moisture, making it mould resistant.  Anti-fatigue rubber flooring is firm and absorbs any heavy weight drops.  Simply follow the easy DIY steps to install rubber flooring yourself to save costs.  Recycled tyre flooring is an economical flooring option and it can customize to meet your needs, with your favourite colour and design to accommodate your budget.  They are easy to clean and maintain, just spray a light sanitizing solution over while cleaning and you’re done.  Residential rubber flooring is very durable and lasts for 5 to 20 years easily with proper care.  Commercial rubber flooring such as gym and hospitals installation usually lasts for about 3 to 5 years depending on the weight and traffic footprints on the rubber tiles or rubber rolls.

Know what you are looking for?  Browse our collection here.

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