Essential Treadmill Floor Mat


Treadmill floor mats for fitness machines like treadmills and elliptical are heavy gym equipment that can easily damage wood or laminate floorings.  The tough metallic material of the fitness equipment, with constant vibration and movements, can cause scratches and cracks on the flooring surface over time.  If you are planning to have a home gym or weight room area, protecting your expensive flooring with proper treadmill floor mats is the way to go.   

 Eco-friendly Treadmill Floor Mat: 

Do your part by reducing waste in the area of the landfill by adopting the clean and green recycled flooring options.  Mirajo Treadmill Floor Mats are made from recycled rubber-like tires and other recycled mat materials.

Treadmill Mat For Hardwood Floor

Are you looking to transform one of your rooms to be a workout room?  If you do, you will want to invest in a treadmill mat to protect not just the equipment, but also your flooring surfaces.  I’ve worked with many clients and noticed that this is one of the most common problems consumers face: having scratched and dent floorings.  A treadmill mat not only keeps the machine intact while you are running, but it also prevents the machine from grinding down into your flooring surfaces.

Mat For Treadmill To Protect Floor: 

  • Excellent rubber floor mat protection
  • Minimal care and maintenance
  • Cost-effective and last for years for home regular home use
  • Traction with a non-slip surface to grip the machine for safety purposes

Talk to our sales team to see how Mirajo X-Fit rubber flooring rolls can add elevated style to your existing flooring without breaking the bank.

Description: The Treadmill Floor Mat is made from recycled rubber and is specially tailored to provide floor protection for treadmills in addition to other heavy exercise equipment.  The mat is not only extremely durable, and also prevents damages or cracks to your floor.  The treadmill floor mat can also reduce noise and vibrations, created when working on the machine.
Material: 70% of Post-Consumer Recycled Rubber Content
Size: 48-inch x 78-inch
48-inch x 90-inch
Thickness: 3/16”-inch
Weight: 48 inch x 78 inch — 28lbs.
48 inch x 90 inch — 33lbs.
Tensile Strength: 300 PSI, ASTM D 412
Tear Resistance: 150ppi, ASTM D624
Available Colors: Black
Unmatched Durability: The Treadmill Floor Mat is designed to be the ultimate treadmill flooring and is specifically manufactured for the durable qualities found in its recycled rubber material.
Reduce Vibration: You probably notice that fitness machines produce squeaking sounds and vibration.  This can cause uneasiness during the workout session.  The treadmill mats will reduce vibration by absorbing shocks and spreading these vibration across the entire mat surface.  Simply add on a fitness mat to elevate your fitness experience.
Floor Protection: This rubber mat will provide comfort and reduce any risks of flooring damages over time due to the heavy weight exertion on the flooring
Cleaning: This product cleans easily with damp mop, broom or vacuum
Availability: The Treadmill Mat is always in stock and will generally ship within 24 hours.


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