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Interlocking rubber floor tiles are considered chic and expensive flooring option.  Great for residential and commercial use.  Firstly the rubber flooring tile comes in well-received light earthy tones.  This gives the entire area a lighter look, to create a bigger space visually. The unique color palette gives an area a warm and inviting feel.  Our interlocking tiles are easy to install.  Good for temporary or permanent installations.  The flooring is made from natural and synthetic rubbers mix.  In addition, this flooring system is great for areas with high foot traffic.

Simple Installation of Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles: 

Interlocking rubber floor tiles give consumers the benefit of saving money on installation. The interlocking nature of each rubber flooring tile allows for a fairly quick and easy installation process. They have edges shaped like puzzles. This allows for the tiles to simply connect into place with each other. These tiles do not require any expensive third party professional help to put in place. Overall, it makes an excellent DIY project.

Extremely Reliable: 

These interlocking rubber floor tiles bring an enhanced level of durability to whatever application applied.  The unique mix of synthetic and natural rubbers give its elastomer resilient properties.  These characteristics give the rubber flooring higher resistance against high foot traffic. In addition stronger ability to withstand shocks and heavyweight drops and machinery.  The rubber mix allows the interlocking tiles to be stable and strong, keeping its shape.

Good Aesthetic: 

Interlocking rubber tiles are very attractive.  If you want to restyle your existing space, then this is the best option.  The light and earthy palettes are new and trendy.  It immediately transforms any space into a warm and cozy area.  Add on speckled design to further enhance the overall rubber flooring finish.

More Benefits:
  • Lightweight and easy to transport interlocking rubber floor tiles
  • Interlocking tiles feature a vanilla scent
  • Used in garages, offices, gyms, playgrounds, and more
  • With a durometer rating of 80A, each rubber flooring tile can resist indentation
  • Some color options for this temporary floor covering can be mixed and matched according to your taste
While interlocking floor tile is a premium rubber tile, it is only available in unique earth-tone colors. Since this product is made from the highest quality ingredients and can be made with low odor and with precise Pantone color codes. Next, the rubber flooring tiles can withstand abrasive conditions.  In addition, they also offer excellent anti-fatigue qualities. Made from natural and synthetic rubbers, ideal for both commercial and residential applications with heavy foot traffic. With careful considerations of aesthetics, comfort, and lasting conditions, interlocking floor tile is an obvious choice for excellent flooring requirements.
Material: Synthetic and Natural Rubbers
Size: 24-inch x 24-inch (approximate)
Thickness: 1/4 inch
Weight: 8.5lbs per tile
Hardness: 80 Shore A Nominal
Tensile Strength: 8.0 mpa minimum
Available Colors: Blue, Chocolate, Dark Gray, Green, Light Tan Fleck
Airports, Animal Care Facilities, Anti-Fatigue Flooring, Art Studios, Assembly Lines, Baseball Dugouts, Boats, Break Rooms, Clubhouses, Commercial Vehicles, Daycares, Exercise Floor Mat, Floor for Basement, Garage Flooring Tile, Golf Courses, Health Clubs, Home Gyms, Ice Rinks, Industrial Applications, Industrial Tiles, Interlocking Floor Mats, Kid’s Rooms, Locker Rooms, Mat for Gym Rooms, Movie Sets, Music Studios, Non-Slip Mat, Play Areas, Protective Mats, Sound Proofing, Spike Protection, Sports Mat, Stalls, Stock Rooms, Treadmill Flooring, Workout Mat, Weight Rooms, Yoga.
Aesthetics: This rubber tile is available in unique earth-tones and lighter colors, which are generally not the case in recycled rubber materials. In addition to these lighter colors, as opposed to the standard black, make for brighter and more illuminated spaces.
Modular Flooring: Moreover, installs easily on-site by anyone.  no need for an installer or adhesives. Furthermore,  can easily be removed and re-installed at a new location. Also makes this tile a modular flooring product.
Vanilla Scent! This product has a natural rubber component (Para rubber tree!) making it an eco-friendly rubber floor.
Availability: Terra-Flex is almost always inventoried in-stock colors and will generally ship within 24 hours
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