Diamond Plate Rubber Mat



  • Length: 50ft
  • Width: 48″
  • Thickness: 1/8″
  • Custom Available: Yes, lengths up to 50ft available upon request
  • Hardness: 60 Shore A Nominal
  • Compression: 36% @ 50 PSI
  • Tensile Strength: 600 PSI
  • Material: Styrene butadiene rubber
  • Colors: Black


If you are shopping for the best rubber flooring for commercial and industrial use, buy these diamond plate rubber mats. Diamond plate rubber mat comes with a unique design to add more traction to your feet.  Along with rugged aesthetic, it comes with durable elastomer properties.  Great for garages and workshops.  The tough rubber flooring withstands high foot traffic, resistant to wear and tear.  Able to handle heavy equipment like a treadmill and machines.  Buy this industrial matting today to protect and restyle your flooring.

Traction Design:

Firstly, the diamond plate rubber mat is designed with safety in mind. The diamond-like pattern yield traction.  Obviously, higher traction level reduces the chances of slips and falls.  The protruded patterned line grips the feet to provide enough resistance on the foot.  This keeps the person secure and up-bright when walking on the diamond plate rubber mat.

Excellent Protection:

While materials like wood can vinyl can degenerate over time due to high foot traffic.  In addition, diamond plate floor mat protects the base flooring.  Firstly, by absorbing the shock of heavy equipment, and also prevents the vulnerable base flooring from scratches and cracks.  Secondly, diamond plate rubber mats are good flooring surface protectors.

Easy Cleaning: 

Next, the diamond plate mats are easy to clean and maintain.  Also, the rubber matting comes with an excellent degree of moisture resistance.  This helps to prevent mold and mildew from growing on the mat.  Simply clean the rubber mat along with mild detergent and soap.

More Benefits:
  • Excellent flooring protection at an economical pricing
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Comes with textured backing so the mat does not slip
  • Commonly used as a gym floor mat, garage flooring, commercial flooring, kennel deck mats and more
The diamond plate rubber mat elevates any plain space.  The special 3D protrusion design is a sophisticated classic design.  Diamond plate rubber matting comes with enhanced anti-slip features.  The high traction in the rubber compound makes this mat ideal for areas exposed to humidity and moisture.  Spaces like entryways, locker rooms and pool deck area.  Even commercial and industrial spaces that require durable rubber properties can use this mat to protect the prevent their staff from accidents like slips and falls. The rubber mat is made with 100% SBR materials.
Material: 100% SBR
Width: 48in
Length: Contact us for 50ft rolls with custom lengths up to 50 continuous feet
Thickness: 3mm or 0.12 inches (just under 1/8 inch)
Weight: 0.9 lbs per square foot
Hardness: 60 Shore A Nominal
Compression: 36% @ 50 PSI
Tensile Strength: 600 PSI
Available Colors: Black
Anti-Slip Protection, Basement Flooring, Boat Deck Mat, Bus Flooring, Catered Events, Commercial Vehicles, Commercial Kitchen Floor Mat, Construction Corridors, Dog Mats for Kennels, Entryways, Fitness exercise Mat, Floor Mat for Van or Delivery Vehicles, Garage Flooring Mat, Golf Courses, Heavy Duty Mats, Hotels, Indoor/Outdoor Aisle-ways, Industrial Shelves, Industrial Floors, Large Floor Mat, Mats for Treadmills, Movie Sets, Non-Slip Floor, Office Buildings, Office Entryways, Outdoor Floor Surfacing, Party Rental, Protector Mat, Restaurant Mats, Scraper Matting, Shelf Liners, Skating Rink Flooring, Special Event Ground Covering, Spike-Proof Applications, Storeroom Flooring, Toolbox Liners, Vibration Control, Warehouse Walkways, Waterproof Flooring, Wet Areas.
Industrial Design:
Looking to add a little “Masculine” flair to your space? Obviously no other floor design speaks to the industrial scheme more than the Classic Diamond Plate design! Step into any manufacturing plant or small workshop and you will see at least one deck or floor covered with this metal surface texture. Importantly we make it available in rubber.  Clearly to add flair and enhance your business space.
Temporary Installations: Are you planning to mount this rubber matting in a temporary installation? Rubber flooring roll can be held in place with a double-sided carpet tape! Next, roll rubber flooring products are easy to “unroll” and install.  Last but not least custom lengths are available to meet your specific requirements.
Sub-Surface: Without a doubt, our Diamond Rubber matting is designed with a textured fabric finish on its backside. Obviously this enables the mat to grip any sub-floor more effectively.  In addition, also reducing the chances of the mat slipping.
Modular Runners: The Diamond Plate floor runner weighs approximately 180 lbs. per 48 inches by 50 ft roll. Use this rubber flooring roll in areas that require a quick and effective slip-resistant floor. The product is lightweight and can be easily stored when not in use for seasonal conditions.
Custom Lengths:
The Diamond Plate floor runner is sold in 48inch widths and can be purchased in any custom-cut lengths up to 50ft. Our custom lengths reduce waste, lower overall costs, and make installation easier for our consumers. Easily install one of these rubber runners for instant anti-slip floor protection!
Easy to Clean Floors: In addition, this durable floor resists common liquids making it an excellent watertight surface that will prevent the growth of mold and mildew. This keeps moisture on the mat’s surface and reduces the need for cleaning in aisle ways and commercial entryways. Clean rubber rolls with common commercial or household cleaning products.  Alternatively with a mop or broom.
Availability: We stock the rubber Diamond Plate mats so that we can generally fill any order within 24 hours (please allow 24 to 48 hours for custom cut lengths).


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