Black Rubber Mat Roll



  • Materials: Recycled Rubber
  • Size: 50ft length x 4ft width or 15m length x 1.20m
  • Thickness: 1/4″ or 6mm
  • Colours: Black with white speckles


Black rubber mat roll works superbly for both indoor and outdoor spaces.  These robust rubber flooring rolls are made from recycled rubber such as discarded tires and offer excellent durability and performance.  in addition, versatility in different applications.  Not to mention for areas that require sound absorption, traction, and resilience, Mirajo black rubber flooring rolls are designed and manufactured to provide for an effective buffer against various acoustical vibrations.

This series is a popular choice amongst shoppers with a cost-effective budget and yet wants quality flooring.  Also, this series comes in 5ft, 10ft, 25ft rolls.  And you may reach out to our customer service for any custom specifications cut requirements.

DIY Installation:

Not only want to save on installation fees but also work on these black rubber flooring rolls yourselves.  Available in standard cut of 5ft, 10ft, 25ft rolls makes it manageable for anyone to do the installation.  In addition to this, you may cut the rubber flooring rolls with a heavy-duty penknife measured against a straight edge.  Also, use adhesives like glue or double-sided tape when installing the rubber flooring roll.

Eco-friendly Black Rubber Mat Roll:

Mirajo Flooring cares about the environment and we encourage more users to try out recycled rubber flooring.  Unlike using natural rubber flooring, and not as durable.  Above all, let’s all play a part in taking care of Mother Nature for the better of our next generation.  At this time, all of us can start by reducing waste by simply making a switch from synthetic rubber flooring to cost-effective recycled rubber matting roll options.

Mirajo Black Rubber Mat Roll Benefits:

  • High level of durability with low-cost eco flooring options
  • Over and above aesthetic values at no additional costs, natural coloring from the white walls of tires
  • Ideal for spaces intended for rubber gym flooring, rubber garage flooring, commercial rubber flooring, outdoor rubber flooring and many more.

Talk to our sales team to see how Mirajo Robust black rubber flooring roll can add elevated style to your existing flooring without breaking the bank.

Description: Mirajo robust black rubber mat roll is made from discarded tires and other components of recycled rubbers.  The end product will have an inconsistent white speckled design.  The roll is generally black, with only a small portion of less than 10% of speckled white on the entire surface color.  These rolls come in standard rolls of 5ft, 10ft and 25ft rolls
Material: Made with 100% recycled rubber and tire crumb
Width: 48-inch or 1.2m
Length: 5ft, 10ft, & 25ft rolls or 1.5m, 3m, & 7.6m
Thickness: 1/4-inch or 6mm
Weight: 125lbs. per 25ft roll
Available Colors: This product is manufactured from tire waste and other discarded rubber mats and flooring.  Therefore, all rolls will come with certain inconsistent white speckled colors across rolls and within a roll.  Also, please note that all the raw materials are not processed prior to manufacturing, and the final appearance of the recycled rubber flooring roll will differ based on the natural appearance of their origin ingredients.
Affordable: In addition, this product is produced to be cost-effective without any loss in functional appeal.  Beside black rubber gym roll is as functional as any other rubber flooring roll.
Easy Installation:  DIY installation using double-sided adhesives or with polyurethane-based adhesive works well with this product
Durable: This product is as resilient and durable as any recycled rubber rolls in the market.
Availability: Black Rubber Mat Rolls are usually in stock.
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5ft, 10ft, 25ft


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