Rubber Garage Flooring

Mirajo brings different types of rubber garage flooring to give you a safe and stylish garage to work in.   We provide stylish and easy DIY garage flooring designs that will make your garage the envy the highlight of your space.  Above all, garage flooring gives strength and comfort to any concrete flooring areas.

At Mirajo, our rubber garage flooring comes in diverse colors, patterns, and sizes.  We offer both rolls and tiles options.  Our rolled flooring is available in different thickness. Great for covering large areas.  Rolls are more cost-effective compared to tiles.  In contrast, tiles can create more designs based on your creativity and time allocated on the project.

Fabricated from a mix of recycled and reclaimed rubber, constructed for abrasive environments.  The flooring products are environmentally friendly and sustainable.  As a result, we have helped reduced the non-biodegradable waste in the landfill.

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