Playground Flooring

Mirajo Flooring is your nationwide most trusted rubber flooring supplier and specialist.  Shop our wide range of rubber flooring, including our eco-friendly playground flooring.

Mirajo factories manufacture premier quality playground surface products, as we value the importance of safety.  We love to build a safe and fun play area with you.  We advocate safety and affordability, together with a touch of creativity.  Our team of designers and engineers bring interactive designs.  In addition, it is our mission to make every playground project a fun and unique one.

If you are trying to build a playground for the first time, then you want to pay attention to playground safety.  We build and design playgrounds based on fall height for safety reasons.  The highest point a person can safely stand, determined by the shock absorbency test on the flooring is the fall height.  We always recommend thick and shock absorbent play area flooring to keep children safe while playing.

In other words, fall height is usually determined by the safety, shock absorbency and fall height.  In conclusion, thicker tiles or mulch allows for higher fall height.  Always ensure that your playground flooring options meet these safety standards.

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