Home Gym Flooring Guide

There are so many different home gym flooring options available in the market.  How do you know what works best for you?  Read our carefully curated home gym flooring buying guide here.

We have explored some of the features and benefits and complied with the common FAQ right here for you.

You have decided to build a home gym and have engaged a fitness instructor to pick the right equipment and weights for you.  Before you get too excited, hang on for a minute.  How about the flooring?

It is important to choose the right flooring for the workout room that can protect your expensive equipment and your existing flooring.  Most residential flooring surfaces are hard.  This means they are not built to withstand heavy weight drops and crack easily under pressure.

Let’s look at some of the more popular home gym flooring ideas and pick the right fit for your home.  Home gym flooring can be broadly categorized into rubber, foam, carpet, and vinyl flooring.  Read our home gym flooring guide below.

Rubber Home Gym Flooring Guide

I’m sure you have noticed that almost all commercial gyms or fitness studios use rubber flooring.  Rubber flooring is a premier flooring option.

Rubber is the best material to protect any subflooring from the impacts of heavyweight drops, and or the heavy machinery weight.  Rubber is also functional and all-purpose flooring.  You can immediately transform the space to fit any type of workout.

Gym floors can be custom created to suit your needs.  For example, you have the option to choose between the basic black rolls or speckled ones to match your interior design.  Rubber gym flooring is available in roll mats or tiles form.

Flooring for home gym prices typically range from as low as $.099 per square foot to more than $15 per square foot for designer series options.  The most popular ranges are between $1.50 to $3.50 per square foot.  So, we do have a lot of options catered to you.

Rubber Flooring Rolls Buying Guide

Rubber Gym Floor Tiles

Rubber tiles are the favorite gym flooring options among homeowners.  Rubber tiles are known to be cheap, durable, and easy DIY installation.

Interlocking rubber tiles installation is as easy as piecing up a large jig-saw puzzle.  Every tile comes with an interlocking edge, and all you need to do is lay the tiles alongside each other.

The rubber tiles are available in different thicknesses.  Choose a thin mat for lightweight users.  They are more cost-efficient.  If you need the flooring to absorb heavyweight drops, a thick mat is highly recommended.

Rubber tiles for home gym price between the range of $2 to $18 per square foot.  Most homeowners usually work between the budget of $2 to $3.50 per square foot.

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Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls

Rubber rolls are well received for their seamless form.  Well installed rolls lay seamlessly together, giving a stylish finish.  Most people are not able to notice the joining ends of the rolls.

Like rubber tiles, rubber gym flooring rolls are also available in various thicknesses.  Thick mats also provide anti-fatigue features.  They help to keep your joints safe, and your feet do not feel tired standing on the rolls.

Rubber gym flooring rolls are mostly priced between $1 to $7 per square feet.  Most homeowners will work in between a comfortable budget of $1.50 to $2.50 per square feet.

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Rubber Gym Floor Mats

Home gym floor mats are great for covering small areas.  For example, if you have recently purchased a treadmill or elliptical machine, then rubber mats are great!  You can choose from the ¼” thin mats to ¾” thick mats.  Depending on the use of the mats, you have the choice to choose what suits you best.  If you are buying the mat to protect your subfloors from the heavy gym equipment, without a doubt, choose the thick mats.  However, if you are just looking for a durable mat for your HIIT activities, a thin mat fits the bill.

Mats for the home gym are usually sold by pieces.  They usually fall between the price range of $30 to $200 per piece.

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Benefits of Rubber Gym Flooring

Superb durability – Rubber flooring is extremely durable and lasts for a minimum of 10 years.  You will notice that even commercial and industrial areas opt to rubber flooring as they can withstand high foot pressure.  In addition, provides traction to prevent slips and falls.  Finally, has anti-fatigue benefits.

Step by Step DIY Installation – No matter which style of rubber flooring you choose; you can save up the costs of hiring an installer.  Interlocking rubber tiles are the easiest to assemble.  If you have chosen rubber flooring rolls, then call in a few burly mates to help with the installation.

Terrific Sound Absorption – The elastomer properties help to absorb any sound pollution.  You do not receive a complaint letter from your neighbor about heavyweight drops sound.

Superb Shock Absorption – Resilient rubber flooring will absorb any dropped weights shocks.  This helps to protect any subfloor surfaces from cracks and dents.

Weather-resistant – You may have your workout areas indoors or outdoors.  Rubber gym flooring is resistant to water, UV, and Ozone.  You need not be worried that your sweat will corrode the rubber flooring.

Antimicrobial – This prevents any germs from infesting your flooring.

Easy Maintenance – Rubber flooring is easy to clean and maintain.  Simply clean with mild detergent or vacuum.  Read our guide How To Clean Home Gym Flooring here for more information.

Disadvantages of Rubber Gym Flooring

Insulation – Rubber material itself is a poor insulator.  It does not conduct heat well.  If you lay rubber flooring on the cold subfloor, the rubber flooring will be cold.  Likewise, if you lay rubber flooring on heated flooring, the rubber flooring will be warm to touch.

Weight – Rubber flooring is heavy and bulky.  Hence, if you have chosen rubber flooring rolls, we do recommend engaging a few friends to help.

Price – If to our pricing range table to find a rubber flooring that meets both your needs and budget.  For those who are looking for a budget option, simply work with a smaller surface area, or start with thin mats.  For those who need thick and designer finishes, you will need to work with a larger budget.

8 Qualities of Best Gym Flooring

  1. Safety – Without a doubt, safety is No.1 priority. Rubber flooring has traction to prevent slips and falls.
  2. Flooring Protection – Secondly, rubber flooring protects any subfloor surfaces. Normal flooring materials are hard and cannot withstand heavy equipment and dropped weights overtime.
  3. Equipment Protection – Thirdly, it makes sense to protect your expensive gym equipment. When you work out on this fitness equipment, the machine drills down into the flooring, causing cracks over a period.
  4. Shock Absorption – The flooring needs to be able to handle and withstand dropped weights. For safety reasons, we cannot have dropped weight bouncing off the floor or rolling around.
  5. Durability – Rubber flooring is resilient and durable. This makes them an excellent choice to manage harsh gym conditions.
  6. Non-Toxic Mats – There is a reason why we differentiate horse stall mats and gym flooring. Even though these two materials look relatively close, horse stall mats are generally cheaper and come with a strong rubber smell.  Workout in a safe environment.  Start with choosing the right mat.
  7. Seamless Joints – Keep the rubber flooring even to prevent trips and falls. Accidents can be avoided when we take responsibility for safety.
  8. Outstanding Finish – Undoubtedly, flooring takes up a large space visually. Choose the right gym flooring options that not only fits your needs but also fits your budget at the same time.  Remember, a nicely decorated area makes you feel motivated to work out as well.

 Home Gym Installation

You can have some fun with family and friends, installing rubber gym flooring together.  There are a few options.

Direct layover – As mentioned, rubber flooring is bulky and heavy.  So, the weight of the rubber flooring is heavy enough to stay in place, with any adhesive applications.  This method is great for temporary installations.  Or if you need to move the rubber flooring anytime.

Double-sided tape – Simply tape the heavy-duty double-sided tape on the floor parameters and lay the tile on top.  This is a quick and efficient method to lay the rubber flooring and secure them in place.  In the hindsight, removal is also easy.

Commercial glue – For harsh workout conditions, you may choose to keep the rubber flooring secured with glue.  This keeps the flooring intact with no movements and curling.  Do keep in mind that commercial gluing is only for permanent installation.

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EVA Foam Workout Flooring

Foam flooring for a home gym is the lightest, and the most affordable home gym flooring choice.  Soft foam tiles come in beautiful colors and appearance, great to doll up any space.

EVA foam flooring comes in foam workout tiles, puzzle lock tiles, and mats.  They are lightweight and easy to install.  Need to transform your space fast?  Then foam gym flooring is the best choice.  Do note that these lightweight flooring cannot withstand heavy dumbbell weights.  Use foam workout flooring if you are creating a starter gym at home.

Foam flooring starts from as low as $1 per square foot.  Come shop around to find something suitable here.

Benefits of EVA Foam Workout Flooring

Safe – Most parents buy EVA foam workout flooring as a protective cushion flooring for toddlers learning to walk.  The soft flooring absorbs the fall weight of the toddler, adding cushion to the fall.

Lightweight – These are lightweight and easy to carry around.

Easy Installation – Assemble the tiles like giant jigsaw pieces in minutes.

Affordable – Looking for cheap home gym flooring?  This is your best candidate.

An array of Colors – Foam tiles come in many different shades and colors.  Talk to us for custom shades.

Low Maintenance – Don’t like household chores?  Simply clean the tiles or mats with a damp cloth and they are good as new.  No other additional polishing required.

Disadvantages of EVA Foam Workout Flooring

Not durable – Foam flooring does not handle high foot traffic or heavy equipment well.  If you need the flooring to protect your subfloor, then EVA foam flooring is not ideal.

Cheap Gym Flooring Ideas

EVA Foam Gym Flooring Installation

Transform your space into a lightweight gym in minutes using EVA foam gym flooring.

Direct layover – If you are using foam flooring to protect your child from falling, then a direct layover is recommended.  You can move the tiles as and when necessary

Double-sided tape – Simply tape the heavy-duty double-sided tape on the floor parameters and lay the tile on top.  This is a quick and efficient method to lay the foam for a secured flooring.

Home Gym Flooring Carpet Tiles

Everyone loves a little touch of carpet in their homes.  And yes, we have carpet tile gym flooring too.  They are affordable, provide excellent foot comfort.  Best of all, low maintenance.

Home gym flooring carpet tiles have short, low pile carpet.  They are designed this way for better durability.

Gym flooring carpet tiles are also available in interlocking styles.  Interlocking carpet tiles are easy to assemble.  This way, you can also save the trouble of hiring an installer.

Gym carpet comes in a wide range of pricing.  The popular ranges are from between $3 to $4 per square feet.

Benefits of Home Gym Flooring Carpet Tiles

Popular – Without a doubt, carpet tiles are popular among homeowners.  They are versatile and durable.

Durable – Home gym carpet is durable and can last for many years.

Soft – Workout carpet is soft and provides additional cushioning during a workout.

Colors – Carpet tiles for home gym accommodates any look that you desire.  They come in a great variety of colors.

Disadvantages of Home Gym Flooring Carpet Tiles

Complex installation – Unless you opt for interlocking carpet tiles, carpet tiles may require a professional installer.

Water retention – Certain carpet tiles retain moisture and will require professional cleaning from time to time.

Maintenance – Gym carpeting stretches over time and requires an installer to refit the space.

Minimal subfloor protection – Use an underlayment before installing carpet tiles to prevent cracks in the subfloor surfaces.

Overall, carpet tiles are more expensive to install and require more maintenance.

Home Gym Flooring Carpet Tiles Installation

As with rubber flooring, you have different options available for installation.

Direct layover – If you are using this for a small home gym space, simply lay it over and you are done.

Double-sided tape – Consider using double-sided tape if you do not need to move your carpet tiles all the time.  However, you are still able to move them whenever necessary.

Commercial glue – For harsh workout conditions, you may choose to keep the rubber flooring secured with glue.  This keeps the flooring intact with no movements and curling.  Do keep in mind that commercial gluing is only for permanent installation.

Buy Gym Carpet Tiles Here

 Vinyl Gym Flooring

Soft PVC Vinyl gym mats are commonly used in garages and basements.  In recent years, we also see homeowners using vinyl gym mats in their home gyms.

Garage flooring is extremely durable and can resist oil stains and grease.  On top of that, hold heavy weights well.  As you can see, they need to withstand the weight of a vehicle.

PVC floor mats for home are available in rolls and tiles form.  Hassle-free installation, great for DIY homeowners.

Benefits of Vinyl Gym Flooring

Durable – Vinyl gym flooring is resilient and made to last

Hassle-free installation – If you are looking to do a DIY flooring makeover, then this is an ideal choice

Low maintenance – They are initially made to withstand the harsh conditions of garage flooring, hence simply clean with mild detergent and water.  Simple as that.

Chemical, Mold and Mildew resistant – Can withstand solvents and do not corrode easily

Colors – A great array of colors available for you to choose from.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Gym Flooring

Pricey – They are considered a more expensive flooring series.  Not recommended for the budget constraint.

Does not handle shock as well as rubber flooring – These do not handle shocks as well as rubber flooring.  The feet comfort is considered sturdy.

Vinyl Gym Flooring Installation

Vinyl Gym flooring installation is the same as Rubber Gym Flooring Installation

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