How To Clean Home Gym Flooring

Wonder when and how to clean home gym flooring?  You may clean new rubber flooring installations after 72 hours.  Do give the new flooring adhesive time for a secure hold.  Usually, the installation is considered complete after 3 days.  You may clean the flooring as usual.

Keeping rubber exercise flooring clean is simple and fuss-free.  Rubber flooring is durable and resilient.  As such, this is a popular flooring option not just for home gyms.  Demanding areas like commercial kitchen, playgrounds, hospitals, animals stall, and many more places use rubber flooring.

Depending on the foot traffic, the frequency of cleaning varies.  Outdoor rubber flooring can be maintained by sweeping or hosing down the area.

To remove dust and debris for indoor rubber flooring, simply clean it with a damp mop or vacuum the place.


Simply use any mild detergents or flooring chemicals, mixed with water to clean rubber flooring.  The diluted solution removes all stains and dirt.  Refrain from using any chemical that contains acid, acetone or turpentine.  These chemicals contain harsh elements that will corrode the rubber flooring.

Organic Cleaning Solution

Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 1 gallon of lukewarm water.  You may add a few drops of essential oils of your preference.  Use the solution to clean and mop down to remove any germs, sweat or dust.

Alternatively, you may also use mild dish soap to replace the white vinegar.  Add in slices of lemon or oranges for a refreshing finish.

Pet Urination

Don’t freak out if you spot any pets poo or urine.  Clean away the poo or urine.  Apply a layer of toothpaste over the stained area.  Let sit for 10 to 15 minutes and wash off.  Repeat the process until the entire stain is removed for the best results.

How To Clean Recycled Rubber Flooring

Don’t be alarmed when you first unroll your recycled rubber flooring.  Recycled flooring products smell the strongest when you first receive them.  Unroll the rubber rolls, or layout the tiles, let them air for 2 to 4 weeks in a well-ventilated room.  To aid the dissipation of the rubber smell, simply turn on fans to increase air ventilation in the room.

Next, vacuum the rubber flooring thoroughly.  Do let the rubber flooring rest for at least 72 hours if you have laid the rubber flooring with any adhesives like double-sided tape or glue.

Use a mild detergent, with a few drops of essential oil to remove the smell.  The scent from the essential oil helps to musk away rubber smell.  It is normal to experience rubber smell in the beginning as this is the natural properties of the rubber material.

We recommend using citrus flavors if you like energizing fragrances.  Use mild flora flavors if you do not like the refreshing citrus smell.

It is simple and easy to clean home gym flooring.  Nylon mop is preferred over cotton mop as cotton mop will leave small and fine residues on the flooring surface.  Do not use petroleum-based detergents as this will corrode the rubber flooring.  Also, avoid wax cleaning agents as this will cause a build-up layer on the flooring.

How Can I Make Rubber Floor Shine?

Time to give your rubber flooring a new lease of shine.  Simply coat the rubber flooring with a layer of rubber conditioner.  You can do the application either by hand or a buffing machine.  Turn the buffing machine to below 350 revolutions per minute to prevent damaging the flooring surface.  Shine and buff the rubber flooring occasionally to restore and the shine and extend their durability.  Proper care and maintenance keep the rubber flooring shiny and beautiful.


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How To Clean Home Gym Flooring
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